About Us

Our company has been continually working and developing more than two decades.
Absolute commitment to and zeal for fair business dealings have resulted in time in the expansion of production capacity, business sucess and building strong ties with our partners and clients. Over years we have completed plans, become stronger, upgraded our experience, expanded the offer of our services and maintained the quality of construction and business dealings on the highest level. Each year in the past is significants for us though some of them we consider crucial.


Company’s foundation

The year of company’s foundation. At the beginning, our primary business activity was the construction of roads and infrastructure in civil engineering, hence the name of the company is PUT INŽENJERING.

Exploitation of gravel

By purchasing the gravel pit at the Južna Morava we started the separation and exploitation of gravel.

First concrete factory

We expaned business activities and opened the first concrete factory. In the factory surrounding we built the administration building, hall and facilities which would in time turn into our production and administration complex of today. We settled capital projects and modernized our construction machinery and transportation facilities.

Modernization and automatization

we upgraded the concrete factory by introducing a new software for managing concrete production and achieved the complete automation of cement feeders, fractions and waterways,in the process of concrete fabrication. We purchased new automated mixers and a concrete pump.

Quarry Bela palanka

We closed the gravel pit and started operations to open a quarry on the territory of the Municipality of Bela Palanka.

Reinforced concrete

We started the production of prefabricated reinforced concrete elements and construction of precast reinforced concrete constructions.

Prestressed Hollow Core Slabs

We purchased and ensured conditions for the production of prestressed hollow core slabs. Our production plant was expanded and premises reconstructed. We included a mobile concrete plant in the list of equipment, with a capacity of 100m3 /h.


Certified Integrated Management System (ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001).

New concrete fatory

In the factory complex we installed one more completely automated concrete fatory and a plant for recycling fresh concrete

Enhancing the capacity

By modernising the quarry we doubled its production capacity. By innovating and completing equipment and improving factory conditions we enhanced the capacity and accelerated the production of prefabricated elements.

Plant in Železnik

A plant was opened next to Nis and Belgrade in Železnik.

CE mark

We get the CE mark for concrete elements as a proof of product conformity with EU product safety directives.