Construction of hydro-technical fascilities

Hydro-technical facilities are highpriced facilities of wide public interest. Thus, the responsibiliy of the contractor of construction works is great. From this reason we are equipped with all required technical and technological and human resources and we constantly strive to improve our efficiency and professionalism.

Our continual growth and stable operation have resulted in the expansion on the market of building. Today, apart from building construction and infrastructure works, Put Inženjering operates in the field of constructing hydro-technical facilities. We tend to ensure a professional attitude and be a reliable partner to all investors stakeholders because we find each design unique and challenging for us.

We are experienced in the construction of facilities and installations for:

  • using water hydro energy (construction of the hydropower plant, with a dam and other facilities – MHP ″Vrgudinac″ on the Nišava, about 2.5 km downstream of Bela Palanka);
  • water protection (realization of the plant for the treatment of water from residential areas and industry – Central plant for the treatment of wastewater, downstream of Bogojevce, in the Municipality of Leskovac).