Regulation of river beds

Put Inženjering performs hydro construction works within the framework of regulating river beds.

Our experienced team of engineers and machinists, modern machinery at disposal and experience that we acquired in time, attain excellent results– high quality, cost-effective and safe performance of works, in short deadlines, even in unfavorable conditions.

In the course of construction works we constantly monitor the quality of performed works, quality of used materials and the application of regulations in the field of occupational health and safety.

We are specialized for:

  • earthworks which include machine and manual excavations, subsoil formation, building embankments, securing embankment slopes and waterway cuts, designing buttoms of waterway beds, transport of earth materials, etc;
  • works on water drainage which include the excavation of drainage canals and drains with transportation, building concrete curbs, ducts and drain pipes;
  • stoneworks which include building slopes and stabilizing cut-off trenches by using gabions;
  • concrete works which include constructing concrete mattresses on the bottom and slopes of river beds, cut-off trenches and bolsters, constructing stabilizing concrete bands, etc.