www.putinzenjering.com | Earthworks and road infrastructure
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Earthworks and road infrastructure

At the beginning, the primary activity of Put Inženjering was the construction of roads and infrastructure in civil engineering. Experience that we gathered in time and the machinery that we constantly enlarge and modernize make us regional leaders in the sector of civil engineering.

By using innovative techniques and high quality construction materials from company’s own resources, we are ready to meet a number of our clients’ requests in the sector of civil engineering. We are specialized in performing the following works:

Construction operations rely on company’s own production capacities and verified construction materials, with a constant professional control of civil engineers. By using modern machines and special equipment for performing construction works our team performs work in a high quality manner, safely and without missing set deadlines.


Based on our committed operation on site and open cooperation with investors we tend to always find the best solutions for that we are working on.


We specialize in the following works:

  • road and parking lot construction, with relevant infrastructure;
  • bed construction for upper and lower base courses (0-31mm, 0-63mm);
  • performing asphalt works;
  • construction of concrete pavements;
  • rebuilding and maintaining trunk roads, regional and local roads;
  • performing earthworks at excavation;
  • clearing of site and preparatory works;
  • performing finishes;
  • performing designs of ground remediation;
  • performing deep excavation with securing slopes by Larssen steel sheet
  • piling;
  • building protective embankments;
  • construction of New Jersey barriers;
  • mounting Betonblock system;
  • excavation of tunnels and access portals on tunnels and out freight of materials;
  • surface paving, production, and installation of curbs and canals;
  • production and installation of piers.


Use of stone aggregate of verified quality from company’s own quarry

Concrete factories

Use of concrete mixed under specifications in company’s own concrete factory

Production plant for prefabricated elements

Use of concrete prefabricated elements produced in company’s own plant (piers, Betonblock, New Jersey, concrete products)

Construction machinery and special equipment

Performing works by company’s own machines and special equipment for construction

Transport facilities

Transport of materials in company’s own vehicles and trailers

Recycling construction waste

Collecting construction waste, transport and storage of construction waste