Hydro Construction

Our expert team of engineers and engineers, modern machinery that we have and the experience we have gained over time, achieve excellent results in the field of hydraulic engineering - quality, economical and safe performance of works, in the short term, even under unfavorable conditions.

Regulation of river beds

We perform hydro construction works within the framework of regulating river beds. In the course of construction works we constantly monitor the quality of performed works, quality of used materials and the application of regulations in the field of occupational health and safety.

Sewer works

Put Inženjering performs hydro construction works for the construction of sewer systems for draining atmospheric precipitations, wastewater and used water. We have modern machines and necessary equipment for performing works.

Construction of hydro-technical facilities

Hydro-technical facilities are highpriced facilities of wide public interest. Thus, the responsibiliy of the contractor of construction works is great. From this reason we are equipped with all required technical and technological and human resources and we constantly strive to improve our efficiency and professionalism.