Driving Larssen Steel Sheet Piling

Construction works equipment of Put Inženjering also includes special equipment for Larsen steel sheet piles protection. We have steel Larssen profiles at disposal (4.5m to 8.0m long) and the equipment for driving and extracting steel sheet piles using the vibration technique.

Application for steel sheet piling span the entire building industry, from hydro engineering and civil engineering to building construction. Larssen steel sheet piles are used for construction works in difficult conditions which imply deep excavations over depth of 5m, lowering the level of underground water, building retaining walls, solving the problem of the stability of slopes, etc

Larssen steel sheet piles are applied in:

  • the construction of facilities at waterways (dams, sluices, abutment piers, piping under roads, flood protection walls;
  • the construction of roads (protection barriers, noise protection walls, bridge abutment piers, ramps, tunnels, sunken roads/groundwater retention);
  • civil engineering and building construction (foundations, trench sheeting, underground parking, retaining walls);
  • building and maintaining landfills (vertical-sealed enclosure walls, excavations for soil replacement, ramps for waste disposal);
  • water protection (pumping stations, stormwater overflow, stormwater retention basins, securing embankments).
Steel sheet piling connects the advantages of cost-effective construction with the need for structural safety and environmental protection during the demanding construction process.

The application of steel sheet piles enables:

  • the reduction of the amount of excavated soil thus reducing the scope of earthworks;
  • time-saving and saving funds required for the construction process;
  • securing and immediate load bearing capacity;
  • forming a full sealing line for the containment of liquids;
  • recycling, because steel sheet piles are easily excavated without soil remaining after the completion of works.