www.putinzenjering.com | Prefabricated production plant – Belgrade
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Prefabricated production plant – Belgrade

Production plant – Belgrade

In July 2016, “Put Engineering” opened a new production facility in Železnik. The hall is located in str. Jugoslovenska 2 and the surface is about 15000 m2, with the current production capacity of about 6000m2 makes us the leaders in the markfor of concrete prefabricates. With expanded production capacity, we have the ability to respond to the increasing demands of the market in the field of prefabricated construction. With about 21,000m2 of production facilities, we successfully respond to all the business challenges that are ahead of us.


m2 area of the hall


total surface

Concrete factories

We use our own concrete for the production of prefabricated elements

Prefabricated construction

We produce the complete supportive construction for facilities

Reinforcement processing and metal working plant

The treatment and cutting of reinforcement take place in our specialized plant

New Yersey protective fences

We produce concrete protective barriers