Construction of Betonblock System

Betonblock system is a modern system of concrete blocks which are quickly and easily mounted without any additional types of materials for setting and the need for vertical and horizontal formwork. As there are no setting materials, blocks can be easily moved and reused on another location. They are installed directly to the ground (of appropriate modulus of incompressibility) without the construction of the foundation.

Betonblock system offers a quick and efficient solution for the construction of partition and retaining walls. Structural members of the wall are massive concrete blocks which are stacked one into another according to the system of  LEGO® blocks.

Betonblock system, due to its characteristics, is intended for many uses. It can be used for:

  • constructing partition boxes for separating bulks (partitions are quickly and easiliy removed, expanded and adjusted).
  • securing road slopes;
  • physical separation of all types of facilities (temporary or permanent structures, mechanical shock resistant and waterproof).