Prefabricated Production Plant - Nis

The surface of the plant for the production of precast reinforced concrete elements is 5700m2. The production takes place in an enclosed space which enables working throughout the year irrespective of weather conditions and atmosphere temperature.

Prefabricated reinforced concrete elements are cast into modern hydraulic molds which enable faultless finishes and exclude geometrical deviations from design details. The process of pretensioning construction elements is also enabled contributing to higher load bearing capacities of elements which allow greater construction spans. Apart from the elements of precast AB constructions, prestressed piers are also produced in the production plant, as well as structural members for New Jersey barriers, structural members for Betonblock retaining walls, curbs, canals.

In the production plant there are also runways for the purpose of producing prestressed hollow core slabs. The required equipment and machines for streching and tensioning ropes, casting concrete and cutting final products are at disposal for the aforementioned production.

The production of self-compacting and special concrete for prefabricted AB elements is performed in our production complex in a completely automated concrete factory. Continual quality controls concerning fresh concrete and attained concrete grades guarantee high quality precast AB constructions.

Environmental protection

The process of the production of concrete construction elements is environmentally safe due to several reasons: energy consumption is reduced as well as the amount of required raw materials, the recycling process of unused and waste materials is facilitated, noise reduction is evident as well as the reduction of dust and hazardous substances emission.