Concrete factories

Our first factory started working in 2002 and in 2005 it was modernized by introducing a new software for the management of concrete production which brought about a complete automation of cement feeders, fractions and watercourse in the process of concrete fabrication. Later on a mobile concrete plant was included in the equipment, with a capacity of 100m3 /h, as well as one more stationary and completely automated concrete factory, laboratory and a plant for fresh concrete recycling.

Crushed limestone aggregate from our quarry, with declared fractions and contolled moisture content, is used for concrete production. The whole process of production and quality control is performed in accordance with applicable standards.

Quality Control

Special consideration is given to continual quality control. In our testing laboratory tests are performed on fresh and hardened concrete and component materials. Checks are performed for concrete compressive strength, aggregate grain size distribution, aggregate moisture content and tests are also performed for cement (initial and final setting and cement soundness). All tests are performed under the control of accredited laboratories. Our laboratory works in close cooperation with the laboratory of the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture in Niš and Central Road Laboratory in Novi Sad.