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Open quarry

Open quarry Babin Kal is located on the territory of Bela Palanka, at the distance of 35km from Niš. Modern crushing mills, separation plant and shifter machines efficiently crush and separate stone aggregates according to sizes. The technical capacity of the current primary crushing machine is 300t/h.


kilometers from Nis


t/h capacity


Production is based on company’s own raw materials base. Aggregate is produced from limestone and separated into target fractions. Stone aggregates are produced for the purposes of our sectors (building construction, civil engineering, hydro-engineering) as well as to be placed on the market. Aggregate is intended for concrete production, asphalt production, production of basecourse for roads, embankments, etc.

Quality Control

The quarry is continually subjected to quality controls in accordance with Product Certification according to the regulations on mandatory certification: fractionated stone aggregate for concrete and asphalt. Testing samples are collected and examined by an authorized organization for mandatory certification which issues a certificate on the quality of aggregate fractions.

Concrete factories

Use of concrete mixed under specifications in company’s own concrete factory

Production plant for prefabricated elements

Stone aggregate for the production of prefabricated elements

Earthworks and road infrastructure

Stone aggregate for the needs of civil engineering (preparation of asphalt mixtures, dredging, tamping)

Regulation of river beds

Stone aggregate for the needs of hydraulic works (construction of embankments, drafting of slopes and gabions, planning of the bottom of the watercourse)