www.putinzenjering.com | Services of construction machinery and equipment
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Services of construction machinery and equipment

Services of construction machinery are performed by technically valid machines operated by our employees, with required certificates concerning both machine operators and machines themselves.

We have universal machines and diverse technological equipment at disposal for horizontal and vertical transport, as well as machines for demolition, reconstruction and rebuilding. We suggest the most optimal solutions and ensure transportation of machinery to the construction site in the shortest time possible.


We offer the following services:

  • machinery lease for earthworks (dumpers, excavators, loaders, graders, bulldozers, vibro rammers, rollers, drilling
  • machines for stones, plant for driving steel sheet piles);
  • machinery lease for asphalt works (finishing machines, rollers);
  • machinery lease for fresh concrete transportation and compacting (concrete mixer truck, pumps for concrete, vibrating machines);
  • machinery and equipment lease for jacking and transportation of load in building construction (tower cranes, vehicle mounted cranes, mobile tail lifts);
  • equipment lease for high water transfer and pumping down.

Using this service is favourable for several aspects:

Professional team

Works on the construction site are entrusted to our professional team which includes certified operators and servicemen


Acquired experience enables us to forecast challenges that might appear in the course of building in various complex conditions

Ecological responsibility

We are economically, socially and environmentally accountable

A reliable partner

In the course of works we stand as a partner who can offer required support for the main contractor


The use of a stone aggregate from its own quarry

Concrete factories

Fully automated process of concreting concrete

Transport means

Transport of materials with own vehicles and trailers

You can send your quotation requests and any questions at: mehanizacija@putinzenjering.com