Performance of Construction Works

Based on long-standing experience in construction works, we also stand as a general contractor on the market. We take responsibility for all stages of the process of building, from the start of building to project’s finalization. As a general contractor we coodinate all participants in the project, design, monitor and purchase materials, control the quality of performed works, respecting time frames and investor’s financial plan.

Acquired experience enables us to forecast challenges that might appear in the course of building in various complex conditions. We always strive to attain results which imply excellent quality works, accuracy and good organization, time saving and savings in material resources, reduction of and avoiding risks, occupational health and safety, environmental protection and inreasing efficency in the performance of tasks.

With a professional approach to building and the performance of construction works under adopted standards we tend to fulfill investor’s expectations and justify indicated trust. Our aim is to become and remain a good partner for our clients, cooperators, suppliers as well as for all employees and collaborators who help us to be in the company of the successful.