Sale and Delivery of Concrete

The capacity of our concrete factory of 200 m3/h and a completely automated process of concrete production enable a reliable delivery and leveled quality of concrete. The high quality of raw material components, professional personnel as surveyors in the in the process of production and regular laboratory controls of component materials and produced concrete guarantee the continued high quality of production services, transportation services, and concrete pumping services.

  • all types of standard transport concrete from grade 10 to 60 (MB 10, MB 60);
  • self-compacting concrete – SCC;
  • semi-dry concrete;
  • sprayed concrete;
  • concretes of special characteristics depending on the expected class of exposure (sulfate resisting concrete; concretes resistant to frost; concretes resistant to frost, frost, and salts for defrosting; waterproof concretes, etc.);
  • the concrete of target characteristics according to client’s needs.

Concrete mixer trucks with a drum capacity of 7m3 to 10m3  of concrete mass. For compacting concrete we have vehicle mounted concrete pumps of 150m3/h working efficiency, with a 36m-long boom.