Sale and Delivery of Stone Aggregate

Open-cut mining ″Babin Kal” is loated on the territory of Bela Palanka, 35 km from Niš. Aggregate originates from limestone and is separated in different fractions: 0-4mm; 4-8mm; 8-16mm; 16-22mm; 16-31.5mm; 0-31.5mm; 0-63mm; 0-100mm. Apart from these gradations, we perform aggregate crushing and breaking into target coarseness at client’s request.

All our aggregates are tested in authorized laboratories and have attests.The quality is even, the size of fractions is determined on the basis of buyer’s needs whereby products are transported to the client in the shortest time possible.

Stone from our quarry can be used:

For the production of asphalt mixtures for the production of:

  • Surface course – wearing courses of dense tar under hot procedure, on roads, with light groups of traffic load (SRPS U.E4.014/1990),
  • Upper base course of pavement structures of bitumen felt materials under hot procedure, on roads of all groups of traffic load (SRPS U.E4.021/1986),
  • Lower base courses of pavement structures of bitumen felt materials under hot procedure (SRPS U.E9.028/1980)

For the production of cement-concrete mixtures for the production of:

  • Cement-concrete (SRPS B.B2.009/1986),
  • Lower courses of cement-concrete of cement-concrete decks (SRPS U.E3.020/1987);

As hydro-technical stone for the installation of river regulating facilities in the form of:

  • Semi-processed stone for slopes boarding of revetments
  • As broken stone of various coarseness for the construction of ″feet” – the foundation and body of regulating facilities and other hydro-technical facilities;

As broken stone

  • Category II, for the production of road beds of railways for passenger and freight transport;
  • As a tampon for the production of lower base and mechanically stabilized (tampon) courses of pavement structures;
  • As a tampon for the production of protective courses of road beds, from aggregate with the coarseness of 0/31.5mm and 0/45mm;

For brick masonry

  • In civil engineering and building construction.