Vision and Mission

Our market existence is dedicated to the high quality and rapid construction and efficient provision of services to our clients. We operate professionally, synchronously, in partnership, under settled rules, designs and standards. Working environment which promotes new ideas, innovation and growth through mutual help and cooperation of all employees is nurtured in our company.

  • continual improvement of the system of quality management;
  • provision of high quality input resources;
  • continual development of products/services and working plans;
  • continual development and modernisation of equipment;
  • accountable maintainance of facilities and equipment;
  • development and application of an integrated information system which supports all internal work processes and enables required external connections (Internet, etc.);
  • creation of good and longterm partnerships with clients and collaborators;
  • collaboration with research organizations;
  • exploring new possibilities;
  • promotion and development of climate for innovation in the company;
  • environmental accountability – effective consumption of materials, energy and water;
  • achieving high standards of working environment and working conditions;
  • increasing the quality of life of employees.