www.putinzenjering.com | Waste management
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Waste management

Put Inženjering DOO is modern, professionally and technically trained and equipped to provide services for the collection, transport, temporary storage and treatment of construction waste

We have developed into a company dedicated to protecting the environment and sustainable development, so that generated waste from your activities gets a new value by our modern management and reuse.

We are able to offer our customers a range of waste management solutions, all in accordance with your needs and needs of your activities.

We offer complete solutions and services for managing non-hazardous waste in accordance with your needs.

Waste management services include:

  • Preparation of the necessary documentation in accordance with the Law;
  • Collection of non-hazardous waste in 5m3, 7m3 and 15m3 specialized containers;
  • Transport of waste by special vehicles;
  • Temporary storage of waste at our site;
  • Treatment of construction waste in a mobile plant.

Through joint cooperation with the client, we perform adequate collection of waste. From creation, selection and collection to transport, temporary storage, to final treatment of waste itself.