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Kvalitetna i brza gradnja i efikasno pružanje tehničkih usluga našim klijentima.

icon_widget_image Svakog dana: 07h - 15h icon_widget_image NIŠ: Ruzmarina 25, Donja Vrežina, 18103 Niš, Srbija icon_widget_image +(381) 18 215 355 icon_widget_image NOVA PAZOVA: Prva centralna radna 3, 22330 Nova Pazova icon_widget_image +(381) 22 215 22 25 icon_widget_image
Our services are:

removal of the existing sewer systems in the case of reconstruction;

trench excavations for placing sewer pipes and out freight of excavated earth;

trench and sides planking and strutting in case of loose terrain;

backfilling, spreading and leveling sand in the trench;

installing sewer pipes;

filling in the trench.

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