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Our company in the field of building construction uses the system of prefabricated concrete elements which, in comparison with the classical construction, has the following advantages:

Faster construction;

Better concrete quality with very high final strength;

Good static and fire resistant properties;

Large free gaps, up to 31m;

Production independent of weather conditions;

Possibility of disassembly and re-assembly;

Less environmental burden (reduction of noise, dust and emissions of hazardous materials, less waste, easier waste treatment).

The process of production of precast concrete elements begins immediately after the adoption of the project and takes place in parallel with preparatory and earth works. This type of construction gives the contractor a significant initial advantage, the facility is closed in a short time so that the work on the interior positions can begin much earlier. Since prefabricated concrete elements are produced in factory and controlled conditions, low winter temperatures do not affect the dynamics of production and product quality. Prefabricated construction can be mounted in the winter months, which allows the project to run according to plan, regardless of weather conditions. Thanks to its rich experience, our engineering team is an ideal partner in choosing the appropriate assembly, concrete elements, adopting raster, static project design and assembly project. As a designed, highly-controlled product, the prefabricated construction can be adapted in many ways to respond to many design challenges. Its properties must be well known in order to maximize efficiency in production, delivery, assembly and maintenance. The advantages of precast concrete construction come to the fore in every project, at different stages of construction. Working the project in a pre-configured system at an early stage of planning, the benefits offered by the prefabricated system can be maximized.

The prefabricated concrete system has proven to be very durable and adaptable over time, with new design concepts and technological achievements. High quality, speed of transport and installation of precast concrete structure are put as our biggest asset with which we are presenting to investors.

A fully automated production process and the use of concrete structures protect the environment in several aspects:

The environment in the factory in which the workers work is left clean, with no noise, dust and toxic fumes;

Self-adhesive concrete is not required to vibrate during installation, therefore the level of noise during casting is low and the whole process is shorter;

Recycling of waste material from the production process is simpler in the factory conditions; each part of the process can be easily monitored and controlled;

Work at the factory greatly eliminates dirt, aggravating circumstances and hazards that are present at the site;

For prefabricated constructions, environmental disassembly and recycling is applied instead of noisy and dusty demolition.

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