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Kvalitetna i brza gradnja i efikasno pružanje tehničkih usluga našim klijentima.

icon_widget_image Svakog dana: 07h - 15h icon_widget_image NIŠ: Ruzmarina 25, Donja Vrežina, 18103 Niš, Srbija icon_widget_image +(381) 18 215 355 icon_widget_image NOVA PAZOVA: Prva centralna radna 3, 22330 Nova Pazova icon_widget_image +(381) 22 215 22 25 icon_widget_image
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We care about the safety and health at work of all our employees

We operate in accordance with the Sytem of environmental management. The company takes care of waste from the whole production process and tends to process and recover waste material or dispose of it in an appropriate way.

Fresh concrete left after mixing and casting concrete into moulds as well as pieces of cut fresh concrete are subjected to the process of recycling which implies the separation of fluids from solid matter.

Waste hardened concrete is processed in the grinding unit. This process implies the separation of steel from concrete as well as the separation of finely and coarsely grained aggregates.

ll hazardous waste from technological processes is submitted to authorized operators for the disposal of hazardous waste.

Reinforced concrete and metalwork waste is submitted to authorized operators for steel recycling.



We have been certified in accordance with internationally recognized management standards concerning the quality of products and works, environment, occupational health and safety.



We have received the CE mark for our concrete elements, as proof of product conformity with strict EU product safety directives.

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