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Kvalitetna i brza gradnja i efikasno pružanje tehničkih usluga našim klijentima.

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The realization of any investment project is almost unthinkable without transportation in the construction sector. To operate in an efficient and high-quality manner we pay special attention to transport facilities their speed, bearing capacity, volume, and other characteristics.

What we have at our disposal

We have a total of 11 tractor trucks and the necessary equipment for:

Transport of pallet, commercial and bulk goods;

Transport of oversized cargo up to 40 m in length and weight up to 60 tons (eg construction and propulsion machines, factory plants and aggregates, various parts and equipment of large dimensions, oversized supports of concrete and steel structures, silos, boilers, etc.).

In addition to standard and oversized transport, we also provide clients with the following services:

Planning and organization

Logistics, planning and organization of extraordinary transport of oversized and heavy loads and other transports with our vehicles;


DDetailed inspection of the route with pictures or video;

Technical support

Providing technical (BF2) escort, police escort for heavy and oversized transports – emergency transports;

Mobile cranes

Providing heavy truck cranes for handling during loading, loading / unloading of cargo.

All vehicles have high technical and technological performances, engines of the latest generation with low emission of toxic gases. Vehicles have all required documents and work and operation licenses. Our drivers are continually trained to fulfill all requirements in a high quality and professional manner and a team of auto mechanics take car for the technical validity of vehicles.

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